AW: [PARPORT] rw hp drive and paride

Achim Beisiegel (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:58:43 +0100

I think you speak about the HP7200e, the external CD Writer of HP. I use the same one.
Let me tell how I did to let it work with Linux 2.0.35. As far up to now I can copy complete CDs.

First of all you have to patch the program CDRECORD-1.6 as it is described in the parport homepage with the scsi-patch or you download directly the CDRECORD-1.6a1.3 alpha version. With this you do not have to patch CDRECORD it works out of the box.
After installing it you must to load the Paride subsystem with:

insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pg

Do not forget to unload the lp modul prior to that with

rmmod lp

Then check which device is your HP7200e with the command:

cdrecord -scanbus

In my case it reports that it is a device in the bus 0 and the device 0.
Thats all and you are able to copy complete CD's on the fly with the command (if your CD-Rom is /dev/hdc):

cdrecord -v dev=0,0 speed=2 -isosize /dev/hdc

In my case it works fine.
If you want to use the HP7200e only as a CD-ROM Reader than do:

rmmod pg

and do

insmod pcd

Then you are able to mount the HP7200e as a regular CD-ROM device.



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  Question. I have a HP cd writer (7200 series) that I'm using on a linux
box running 2.1.122. I ftp'd cdrecord and got the patch for it off of the
net, but I'm a little bewildered as to how to call cdrecord.
  In other words, what do I put on the command line to tell it that I am
using a drive off of the parallel port? The syntax seems to be only for


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