[PARPORT] Re: "Multia with HP CD-R seg-faults"

David Campbell (campbell@torque.net)
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 08:47:24 +0800

> I found several chips on the board around the parallel port, but the only
> one that seems to match that description is a PC87312VF (WS9430DG).

Yup. Thats the one.

There is a little program for kludging the PC873xx family of IO chipsets into
EPP mode which can be found at ftp://ftp.torque.net/pub/natsemi.tgz

# tar xvzf natsemi.tgz
# cd natsemi
# make
# ./natsemi

If all goes well it should set the parallel port into EPP mode. Then try loading
the modules for paride, it should then detect the EPP mode (I hope). Please
note that the chipset will only remain in EPP till the next hardware reset.
EPP is something like 5 to 10 times faster than SPP (nibble mode) so this
should cure the timeouts.

FYI: Grant is the real expert on the paride suite. I just noticed "alpha" and
"SPP" and suspected that the main board used a NatSemi IO chip.

David Campbell

Current project list:
a) Maintain Linux ZIP drivers
b) Create Linux chipset specific parport drivers
c) Start on ParSCSI drivers

Any assistance to clearing this list most welcome

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