Re: [PARPORT] ECP mode
Fri, 16 Oct 98 08:16:34 +0100


yes, as David Campbell already mentionned, there is something
supporting IEEE1284 modes.
I posted it as patch for the 2.1.123 kernel some days ago.
The code is still under developement - it works fine and
stable, but there is not yet support for "everything".

E.g. ECP is supported so far for non-ECP parports, so ECP
is emulated by software. ECP via a real ECP parport is to be
added soon.

Since the actual kernel is frozen, we agreed not to add this new
parport feature to the "official" kernel now. We have to wait for
a later moment, where this patch will be possible. Nevertheless
the code parport_ieee1284 works fine and will be used at least
for the IEEE1284.4 (MLC) project - the implementation of IEEE1284.4
for Linux is also almost ready. By the way: The current code
parport_ieee1284 will later easily be upgraded to optionally
fullfill IEEE1284.3.

I assume, your spectrometer doesn't need at all all those new
IEEE1284 specs, since it will be the only device attached to that
PC's parport. Consequently: If ECP via an "ordinary" PS2 parport is
enough for you, I can send you that patch for the 2.1.123 kernel.
(It will also soon be available at and
be updated from time to time for newer kernels, until it will be
one day part of the official kernel contribution.)

If you insist on the use of your real ECP parport (not set to PS2
via BIOS settings), I can propse you two things:

   Wait, until we added that feature to parport_ieee1284

 -> Best solution: Add by youself that feature to parport_ieee1284 -
   we would by very happy!

Please ask me, if there are any further questions on this topic!

Roger Schreiter.

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