Re: [PARPORT] ECP mode
Mon, 19 Oct 98 12:26:41 +0100


> So there's definitely a need to bypass most of IEEE 1284 ECP, esp.
> negotiation.
as I understood Daniel E. Ungar's message, his spectrometer won't
be disturbed by a IEEE1284 negotiation. In my opinion, his spectrometer
would fail anything else than a negotion to ECP mode; but who cares,
when the negotiation to ECP w i l l succeed?

I think it is important, that the code parport_ieee1284 is really
IEEE1284 compatible - when used accordingly to the "manual". But
it is nevertheless very easy to bypass the negotiation: Just code:
before the read and write calls.

That's all! The next read or write call will be performed via ECP,
because parport_ieee1284 assumes the device to be in ECP mode.

Why don't you or Daniel code ECP via ECP-parport into parport_ieee1284.c
or parport_pc.c - including DMA and IRQ support? Othervice I will do it,
but not within the next two or three weeks, because I'm very busy at the


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