[PARPORT] Digital audio extraction with HP7100e

Alexander Lipponer (lipponer@awi3115.awi.uni-heidelberg.de)
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 13:10:44 +0200

Hello List,

I use paride together with a HP 7100e Firmware 3.01 on a notebook
running Linux 2.0.35. It works fine as a CDROM and as a CD-R. Now I want
to make a copy of an audio CD. My Panasonic CDROM is not able to extract
audio files digitally (at least not without errors). So I want to do it
with the HP7100e.I did the following and perhaps something wrong. Letīs

insmod paride (OK)
insmod epat (OK)
insmod pcd (OK)

then I used cdda2wav together with the option -D /dev/pcd0, where
obviously the HP7100e is. After some short blinking of the green LED my
PC says:

cdrom device (/dev/pcd0).Setting interface to cooked_ioctl
cooked:Read TOC: Invalid Argument

Whith -D /dev/hdb (my Panasonic CDROM) extraction starts, but is
corrupted, so cdda2wav works and I assume the mistake is elsewhere.
Is e.g. dig. audio extraction not supported by paride?

Alexander Lipponer - DH 9 IAL
Department of Economics - University of Heidelberg

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