Re: [PARPORT] [PARPORT} Backpack CD and Thinkpad 755CX

Gary Udstrand (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 11:30:10 -0500 wrote:

> > I am trying to install Linux Red Hat 5.1 on an IBM thinkpad 755 CX
> > using a backpack CD drive. Since the backpack CD driver is not part of
> > the 5.1 kernel I am booting with a 5.0 kernel and then installing from
> > the Red Hat 5.1 CD.
> Well, actually, the 5.1 floppy does have the driver, it just doesn't work
> with newer models of the backpack. The rh5bpcd disk from my ftp area
> has the newer PARIDE driver on it.
> > The installation appears to go fine until it gets to the point where
> > the various packages are actually installed. The install will install
> > anywhere from 50-100 of the packages, and then it just stops. As near
> > as I can tell it is like the Backpack drive just stops responding. I
> > have seen numerous posts indicating that the install from this laptop
> > using the Backpack drive works, and it appears it works most of the time
> > without incident.
> This sounds like the infamous Thinkpad EPP bug. Try forcing the driver
> to use bidirectional mode - or set the port to bidirectional mode in
> the CMOS setup.
> > Are there some initialization parameters I can pass to the drive
> > that may make it behave? Should I attempt to re-compile the 5.1 kernel
> > source on another machine (I have a desktop that is running Red Hat 5.1)
> > with the backpack support? Would that likely address the problem, or is
> > it just a waste of time?
> Try the CMOS path first, and get back to me if that doesn't help.
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        I tried setting the CMOS to Bi-Directional as suggested to no avail.
I also tried to force the mode but I am not sure that I did that correctly.
Using the RedHat 5.0 installation I specified -mode 1 on the additional
options line prior to the installation locating the drive. This did not work

    Is this the correct way to set the mode? Are there any other things I
should try?


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