Re: [PARPORT] Seagate Problem (Claus refer to your suggestions)

Pedro Andris Aranda Gutiirrez (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 09:13:42 +0100

Actually, there's another way of doing this:

The hack might take a little bit of time, but it worked for me:

There's a program out in the net called iomon2, which should
be in most msdos related ftp servers. It was derived from a
contribution to the programer's journal. What it does is to
monitor the activity on a given range of ports and store the
port activity in memory in a circular buffer. To get the
trace, you run another program, which reads that circular buffer.

You have to modify the program to dump the io trace buffer to
a file and then write a program to decode the io trace file.

What you do then is start the computer with MSDOS, load
the modified iomon2 and the driver. After that, perform whatever
actions you want to monitor and reboot the computer.
Use the io trace decoder to get a readable output and voila.
Since most is already written in iomon2, it should be easier
than the emm86 solution.

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