[PARPORT] anybody working on Mp-Man?

Howard Abbey (habbey@dsp.cl.nec.co.jp)
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 09:22:44 +0900


In line with the rest of the requests for info on current

Is anyone working on the interface to the MP-Man portable
mp3 player by Saehan?

Also, given that wine now allows parallel port traces (which
version?), how reasonable would it be for a complete newbie in
driver writing to write one? What would be a good project to copy
from / modify? (I know of a couple serial based projects that seem
simalar for digital cameras and such; is there a better one for
parallel?) I imagine this would be best implemented as a stand
alone program, because it would only require a simple file-copy.
Or is creating a new 'file system device' easy enough that I
should consider it?


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