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Subject: [PARPORT] Scanner question

> I apologize if this is an FAQ. I'm new to the list and didn't see it
> mentioned on the Linux PPHP.
> Is anyone working on (or maybe has completed) a way to handle parallel
> port scanners? I'm probably missing something. However, it seems silly
> to ignore the fact that these things can be had for less than $30
> sometimes and produce pictures almost or sometimes equal to that of the
> more expensive SCSI scanners. (Granted, your computer locks up while
> it's in use. However, that's a small price!)

There has been some attempts to deal with parallel port scanners. These
can be broken down into two main catagories:

a) SCSI internal + parallel to SCSI convertor
        (HP 5110C has an imbedded ShuttleTech parallel to SCSI convertor)
b) Custom parallel port protocol

For case "a" it is a matter of constructing the relevant parallel port SCSI
interface driver. There are a couple of "alpha/beta" drivers for the
Trantor/Adaptec range. The ShuttleTech driver is "in the works" I believe (I
am not working on it personally). The advantage of SCSI scanners is that the
bulk of the protocol is standard (PTL - appologies to the atheists).

For case "b" it becomes a matter of untaggling the threads from a port trace,
to give you some idea of the complexity it is equivalent to trying to untangle
a bowl of spagetti. No-one has succesfully managed to complete a case "b"
driver yet from memory. (If someone has, please let me know)

Better still check the SANE homepage for more details:

SANE also has a mailing list for scanner specific questions.

David Campbell

Check http://www.torque.net/parport for all Linux
parallel port solutions.

Current project list:
a) Maintain Linux ZIP drivers (need to update docs)
b) Get to the bottom of rumors of a third ZIP interface
c) Create Linux chipset specific parport drivers

Any assistance to clearing this list most welcome

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