[PARPORT] Philips CDD3610 support ?

Adrian Phillips (adrianp@powertech.no)
25 Nov 1998 07:45:29 +0100

I'm looking at buying a parallel port CD Writer described as a:

PCA363RW is a CD-writerkit in a external IDE-version (parallell).

and was wondering if this was supported by Paride (I couldn't find it
explicitly mentioned on the Parport web pages) - as I understand it
from the web pages there are many IDE parallel port adapters and so I
checked Philips Web pages to see if there was detailed information
about the adapter but was unsuccessful. Has anyone got this device
working with paride ?

Thank you for any help,


(I remember from past discussion that there is no archive for this
list but if there actually is one I would be grateful for a pointer).

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