ROGER SCHREITER, TEL. XX49 711 685-3891 (schreiter@ifs.physik.uni-stuttgart.de)
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 10:17:58 EST

Hi Tim,

it's great, that there is movement in parport_ieee1284.c now -
accordingly to the actual demand of people.

I will have to reduce my spare time activities until christmas,
because I was informed today, that my PhD exam will be on dec. 22,
but afterwards I'll have time to work on parport_ieee1284.c.
(But I won't reduce my parport_ieee1284-activities to 0 until then.)

What does your "attempt at an implementation of IEEE-1284" mean
for me and the things, we "talked" about some weeks ago?

The new fields and structs in parport.h are fine and are very
similar to those, I suggested in my proposal for parport_ieee1284 -
I'll adopt my parport_ieee1284.c to them - o.k..

Now, what would you advise me, how to proceed?
Change my parport_ieee1284.c, for it will provide exactly
your "main exposed functions"
   int parport_ieee1284_negotiate (struct parport *, int mode);
   ssize_t parport_ieee1284_read_block (struct parport *, char *, size_t);
   ssize_t parport_ieee1284_write_block (struct parport *, char *, size_t);
But those function will finally call my code, which can do both:
blocking and non-blocking calls? This would be an easy change!

Or would you prefer, if I take your code, leave it mostly untouched,
and just append my non-blocking version as separate thing at the end
of parport_ieee1284.c?


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