Re: [PARPORT] Re: HP7200e CD-RW via parallel port on Toshiba 660CDT

Jonathan Buzzard (
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 22:25:13 +0000 said:
> I wish I had some good news for you. At this stage, we need someone
> to harass Toshiba to release some technical documentation for their
> parallel port. Perhaps with all the recent good press that Linux has
> been getting, someone there might actually be willing to help.

Hum I rate your chances at this at some thing less than the fine stucture
constant (which is *really* small). The reason I say so is my latest
request for information from Toshiba has been turned down, but they are
shipping me some more laptops to do my reverse-engineering for the purpose
of my TuxTime program which allows you to set battery save options under
Linux. said:
> Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Toshiba laptop - so I can't
> try any experiments here. I'd be willing to work with you to see if
> there are any secrets that we can extract for ourselves, but that
> process could take months, and would certainly not address you
> immediate need.

Grant what do you want me to do, I have two Toshiba's here, and Toshiba
should be shipping me another three in the next week, so I will have plenty
of laptops to test on.

Basically the deal is that the parallel port in a Toshiba laptop is of a
Toshiba design. Toshiba design and manufacture their own chipsets that does
parallel, serial, PCMCIA, IDE, floppy, keyboard, PS/2 mouse, power control
etc. pretty much everything but the graphics chip. Think space and power
consumption. My working theory for about 18 months now is that Toshiba
Japan when they designed this part of the chipset back in early 1995 took
a decision to only implement ECP and PS/2 mode. For this reason the chances
of forcing the port into EPP mode are very slim though I would love to be
proved wrong. said:
> How shall I proceed? I need to do urgently copies of satellite data to
> CD. The drive works ok on Windows95 (why all the hardware is always
> prepared for this stupid OS). Is there a way to see my LinUX
> partitions on Windows95?

My theory is that the the HP7200e is using the Shuttle parallel-to-IDE
chipset, which if I am not mistaken can be controlled in ECP mode, which
is why you can use the device under Windows 95.

As I would see it you have three options,

 1. Get a driver for the Shuttle chipset under Linux that uses ECP mode.

 2. Try one of the PCMCIA devices that provide an extra parallel port.
    My wild guess is that they will try and grab the IO ports and IRQ
    for LPT2, so if you tell the pcmcia card services to ignore it and
    reboot the machine you might be all right.

 3. Try the Freecom CD-RW with the PCMCIA cable, the pcmcia card services
    have included support for removable IDE devices for sometime now, so
    this might work (I will be getting the opportunity to try this in a little
    over a weeks time so I will report back then).

 4. There does exist a driver for DOS/Windows that allows for read access to
    ext2 filesystems. I have never personally tried it though. said:
> I have exactly the same problem with my toshiba 325CDS. I got the idea
> that toshiba was one of the most Linux compatible Laptop. Do I have to
> change opinion??

No you need to read the documentation more carefully. Toshiba do not
claim their laptops have EPP capable parallel ports, so don't be surprised
when you find the laptop does not have an EPP capable parallel port.

If you can show me another laptop on which you can set battery save
options under Linux, but till then Toshiba laptops *are* the most Linux
compatible you can buy.


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