[PARPORT] Re: IEEE 1284 development

Wed, 9 Dec 1998 06:53:15 -0500 (EST)

On linux-kernel this morning ...

> I have started doing some work for implementing IEEE 1284 and 1284.3
> in Linux, i.e. a protocol for handling (generic) two-way communication
> via the parallel port (especially nice for EPP and ECP capable ports).
> This will quite possibly have some influence on the parallel port
> Ethernet drivers (de600, de620, atp) as well as PLIP, lp and paride.
> The "plug-and-play" people might also be interested...
> I plan to have an alpha version available for other people to see
> sometime before Christmas.
> If anyone else has already done something along these lines, PLEASE
> tell me about it, so that I don't re-invent this particular wheel...
> Greetings,
> Bjorn Ekwall <bj0rn@blox.se>

Have you been to chat with the linux-parport folks ? Tim Waugh
and others have been working on this for some time. I'll
post this to the linux-parport list - but you should come and visit ;-)

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