External Parallel Port devices and Linux


Many external peripheral devices are available in versions that connect to a personal computer's parallel printer port. Over the last couple of years, much work has gone into developing drivers so that these devices can be used with the Linux operating system. If you have a parallel port peripheral and would like to see if a Linux driver is available, this is the place to look.

Some of these drivers have been written using reverse engineering techniques because their manufacturers have been unwilling or unable to provide technical information to Linux developers. Even when they were unable to provide specific information, some vendors have contributed hardware as a way of acknowledging the importance of the Linux market. We extend our thanks to all the people who have helped in one way or another.


 The linux-parport mailing list


If you don't find information here about a product that you are interested in, you can contact developers and other interested users through the linux-parport mailing list (the archive is also available at that location).

When sending mail to the list, you should also be careful to use text formatting only. Messages in HTML or in Microsoft proprietary formats will most likely be deleted without being processed or read.


 Archive of old linux-parport mailing list messages


The linux-parport mailing list moved at the beginning of 2004. You can look back through the list archives from before then by visiting http://cyberelk.net/tim/parport/archive/.


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 Links to the homepages of some Linux parallel port driver projects


 Supported products


The following is a list, arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer, of most of the parallel port devices for which Linux support is available or in development. Click on a product name to find out more.


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Last update: March 2, 2004

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