Printing updates

There are currently test FC6 updates for hplip, gimp-print, system-config-printer, cups, foomatic and hal-cups-utils. This may be the most concurrent test updates I’ve yet had to deal with!

The most significant one is hal-cups-utils, the package that automatically adds printer queues for connected printers. Among the improvements:

  • Existing queues are no longer enabled/disabled, they are just left alone.
  • New queues get to use HPLIP if appropriate
  • The hal_lpadmin program syslogs what it’s doing so we can actually have a chance at debugging it.
  • New queues get a more informative description than ‘Added by HAL’.
  • A new queue is only created if it would have a different URI than an existing queue.
  • New queues get the correct page size now.

If you haven’t tried it out, please do. Remove the ‘Added by HAL’ queue you’ve got at the moment, update hal-cups-utils, and power-cycle your printer.

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