RFB Proxy

What is it?

This program is a simple tool for recording VNC sessions. Make no mistake: it is hacked together and very ugly. But it does the job. Please make it better. I test rfbproxy on Red Hat Linux; but the sources should compile for Win32 using Cygwin.

It works in a similar way to a web proxy. It sits between the VNC viewer and the VNC server, and relays messages between the two. It records the messages from the server, along with the timings, so that during playback it can act as a simple VNC server just by replaying the messages at the right times.

Where is it?

Here: http://cyberelk.net/tim/data/rfbproxy/.

How about a demo?

I’ve got a sample capture of a VNC session, compressed using bzip2.

See also

If you like rfbproxy, perhaps you’ll like rfbplaymacro too, which is a program for controlling VNC sessions using scripts. Also, rfbproxy can record keyboard/mouse events instead of screen updates, creating a script which rfbplaymacro can use (use rfbproxy’s –type=events option).

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