Virgin to drop Lost?

Lost numbers on a BBCCan it really be true that Virgin, run by that nice man Richard Branson, are thinking about dropping Sky One from their cable TV offering? That’s certainly what the rather alarming advert said in the middle of last week’s episode anyway, and it seems to be corroborated by The Guardian. Virgin recently bought NTL, and I had high hopes for them making everything better — but if Sky One goes, ALL IS LOST.

Oh, the picture of the numbers is something I had to take when I tried out the BBC microcomputers and discovered them working…

2 Responses to “Virgin to drop Lost?”

  1. Timmy says:

    NTL bought Virgin Mobile, not the other way round. They wanted the name (and the mobile business).

    Anyway not a big problem, TV viewing figures on Lost are dying , people are either downloading it or waiting for the DVDs (like me).

  2. tim says:

    So it’s official, no more Lost unless you switch to Sky (or get a Freeview box, for the time being). I sort of don’t want to give Sky my money after all this. 🙁 Maybe I will wait for the DVD after all…