ClickClick is a great idea for a film: a universal remote control that controls your universe. Adam Sandler is usually quite good for funny-but-with-sad-bits films, and I think this was just the wrong film for him. The film ended up being a little bit too stuck in the formula, and too sentimental, and that’s a shame because the basic premise was good, and the conclusion was fitting.

Christopher Walken was extremely good in his part as the mad professor-type who gives Adam’s character (Michael) the remote control, and one of my favourite little details was James Earl Jones narrating the commentary to Michael’s life when he pressed the Menu button.

The conclusion is that if they aren’t careful, people can end up living their lives on fast forward, on autopilot, just getting by, waiting for the good bits and missing out on what’s right there in front of them. I wish the film had been a little bit less smulchy and stupid, because I think it’s a good message.