Eurovision: Torn

Thankfully this year there isn’t a song amongst the six UK candidates that I’d be embarrassed for us to be sending to Eurovision, although the Hawkins & Brown attempt was a little disappointing (too much of a mish-mash for my liking).  So who did I vote for?

My vote had to go with Cyndi in the end.  Yes, she’s French, but perhaps we’ll get some votes from countries who might otherwise vote for France (or from France itself).  It’s beside the point really, which is that the combination of the excellent ballad with Cyndi’s very strong vocal was the best of the bunch.

Unexpectedly Scooch was another one we both really liked, so Sue voted for them as well.  That song’s still in my head, although I can’t say I’ll be happy if that’s still the case when I try go to sleep.

I hoped the Big Brovaz song would be better, although it seemed to go down well with the invited European straw-pollers.