Stalked by bees

Bee (Eden Project)Call it spooky coincidence if you will, but I will call it synchronicity. Certain topics or words that keep coming up, in unrelated places. There is always a background level of coincidence, but at the moment it seems to be a higher level than usual. This week it’s bees.

A month or two back it was Edinburgh. We have a conversation about Edinburgh (for some reason) and then there’s a programme on TV about Edinburgh. A book my wife randomly picked in a library is set in Edinburgh, and other small coincidences such as that. But in the last week or two everything seems to have been about bees.

I think it might have started when Sue told me, while looking at a Tori Amos CD cover, that she might enjoy being a beekeeper. Since then the story about the effect of mobile phone signals on bees broke. We watched The Constant Gardener and one of the evil empires is called Three Bees, with a menacing logo depicting three bees in hexagons. Now, trying to finish a cryptic crossword, we had only three letters for a word: _ _ _ B _ E _ E _ — and of course the answer turned out to be BUMBLEBEE as well.

Another one is Joanna Newsom. She sings the song that’s used in the Orange “black-out” advert, a slightly kooky song called “This side of the blue” (you know, “Svetlana sucks lemons across from me…”). Now, that advert has been showing for ages, but it’s only been recently that I bothered to look up her name. Coincidentally Sue mentioned her name to me not expecting me to know who it was, because she had looked her up as well, probably on the same day. When Regina Spektor‘s “Us” was featured on a Sky advert I discovered how much I like her music, and now the same has happened with Joanna Newsom for Sue.

So in the last couple of days, Joanna is the new subject of our synchronicity. She’s playing in a record shop, she’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere. Then, when browsing Flickr, Sue found lots of photos from my cousin’s friend’s girlfriend (who we’ve never met). There was only one from a music concert, and of course that was our Joanna. Not only that, but one of the comments was from someone else we know (by separate means), who turns out to be a big fan of harp music, which Joanna plays.

I’m not trying to say it’s all meaningful. I do think it is probably all coincidence. But you can’t help feeling a tiny ding of satisfaction when there’s a new bit of synchronicity around. It’s like in Lost, when you unexpectedly see a character in someone else’s flashback, or there’s some other mysterious connection. It’s slightly thrilling, and there is this feeling of something being partly revealed to you. And you know it is a coincidence, but somewhere inside your mind there is a secret “what if”, looking for meaning in it.

5 Responses to “Stalked by bees”

  1. Sue says:

    Don’t forget we also watched “It’s Not Easy Being Green” when Dick Strawbridge decided to keep bees and was finding out how to do so. Also I’ve just read a book by Sue Monk Kidd who’s first book I then found to be called… “The Secret Life of Bees”. We also tried to find Eddie Izzard doing his waggle dance but that probably doesn’t count!

  2. andyp says:

    Personally, I find this to be evidence that you are stalking me.

    Edinburgh, check. Photos from Eden, check. Regina Spektor, check.

    Or perhaps I’m a little egocentric.

  3. tim says:

    But don’t you see? This just adds to *my* coincidences!

  4. andyp says:

    You call it spooky coincidence, I call it restraining order…. 😉

  5. Bill says:

    I’ve studied this phenomena for 30 years. There is meaning in it, the question always boils down to what. God or the Universe speaks to us in metaphors, as we learn to decipher the symbolic meanings we gain a clearer understanding of our purpose and the guidance we are receiving.

    Just this evening I walked out to my front porch and there was a dove at my doorstep. It was apparanetly injured though it didn’t seem to be severely so. Just 2 days ago, I picked up a small sparrow that had been struck by a car and was injured. The birds are upon me, and needing my care. What does it mean? I have some ideas.

    It’s good you are aware of these things, learn to decipher them. I’ve made it my work to do so and it has made life wildly more exciting.

    All the best!