Eating outdoors

I love the idea of eating outside, but when it comes to it I don’t particularly enjoy having insects I don’t know what are buzzing round me. Next time I find myself in that situation I’ll have to remember to look at the Tree of Life Project (found via things magazine) to see if I can work out what species is buzzing me.

At off-grid there is a list of the best picnic spots in the South West of England. One of them is Westward Ho! in Devon, which my GPS unit labelled WESTWARD HOL when we were there last, either because it thinks punctuation isn’t allowed in place names, or because whoever wrote in the place name mis-read the exclamation mark. That would be great for a beach picnic actually. Such a long stretch of sand.

One Response to “Eating outdoors”

  1. Karsten Wade says:

    Daughters and I just came back from an hour wander up the San Lorenzo River, where we stopped for a short picnic on a sandbar in the middle of the river. The day was hot, the river cool, but the level of trash and other signs of people camping/living out there without respect … well, that sort of ruined it after a while. We’re resolved to find a nicer stretch of river next time. It’s just nice to get out in the middle of the river to walk up it like an avenue.