GIMP print dialog

The GIMPJust imagine if The GIMP had a File->Print… menu that looked the same as other GTK+ applications. Am I dreaming to imagine that we might one day have a GTK+ print dialog plugin for GIMP?

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  1. nicu buculei says:

    Let me quote grom GIMP 2.4 release notes (

    “Improved Printing

    Printing has been largely improved. GIMP makes use of the advancements in the gtk+ printing API so that you can control all aspects of the printout with an easy to understand interface and immidiate preview.”

    So I guess is about some important features lacking in the current GTK+ print dialog.

  2. tim says:

    Oh, GIMP actually ships with a GTK+ print dialog! I didn’t realise that because Fedora disables it.

    I spoke with Nils about this today and he will be building a package for Fedora 8 that includes the GTK+ print dialog as File->Print… (yay!).

  3. Thomas says:

    Just installed Gimp 2.4.0 and I can only assume that the new print dialog is someone’s idea of a joke. It does not detect my two printers (so I have to enter lpr -Pcolour to tell it to print to the Epson, for example) and has no facility for reading in a ppd file to set margins etc. In addition, it does not remember anything between two invocations, so everything has to be set up again each and every time, including typing the name of the printer!


  4. tim says:

    Which dialog are you seeing? The gutenprint one?:

    Gutenprint Print dialog

  5. Thomas says:

    No, the GTK one. I’d LIKE to see the gutenprint/gimp-print one. I’ve been told I can use it as a plug in; I’ve not got that working yet but I’m looking into it.

  6. Thomas says:

    Got it working!
    The problem was that Gentoo had the recent versions of Gutenprint which support 2.4 marked as unstable. Allowing their use installed the proper print dialog.

  7. David says:

    I found out why you’re only seeing LPR in your print dialog instead of a list of printers. Your gtk+ libs aren’t cups-enabled.

    If you’re using gentoo, re-emerge gtk+ and make sure the cups USE flag is set.

    My print dialog went from Print-> LPR to Print -> could pick any of my printers.

    It’s a big improvement.

  8. moof says:

    Too bad those of us who don’t care for the overhead of CUPS are now screwed, huh? No more direct printing to lpr for me!

  9. tim says:

    Eh? If you don’t want to run a CUPS server on the local machine, just create a /etc/cups/client.conf containing “ServerName my-server” for the CUPS server on the network.