Milk bottle tops

Milk bottle topLooks like the birds in this area are wise to the old “peck the milk bottle tops” trick. But do birds like milk? I’m not sure I really see what’s in it for them except to annoy people.

Of course, I’m assuming it was done by a bird and that the milkman didn’t put his thumb through the top by accident — but if you look closely, it looks like there is a small hole that’s been pecked (see exhibit A, left).

Anyone know what sort of bird does this, and why? Perhaps magpies, trying to collect silvery things?

25 Responses to “Milk bottle tops”

  1. dominic kavanagh says:

    in response to why to birds peck milk bottle tops, they do it in the winter mostly, and usually go for full fat milk – they want the fat.

  2. john wheeler says:

    no luck with Charlotte’s link even with the product code, I goggled ‘Lakeland’ and found them there, product code 3313,
    33.29 pack of seven

  3. Christine says:

    Birds are such a pain… I’ve spent an hour looking at post-boxes to leave the milk in because of our ‘little bird problem’.

    There seems to be a gap in the market – I think a milk box could do very well but they are hard to find and most post boxes are either too small or too big for the purpose.

  4. louise says:

    Did you get a response to your request for a milk bottle top cover. I had one, a flat black one but it got thrown away by mistake by someone who didn’t know what it was. So I would be very grateful if you now have found a place where these could be bought.

  5. Pigeon Racing says:

    If nothing else, maybe you could work something out with the milkman and have box flat outside for when he drops off the milk. That way, at least it would be covered.