I’ve added a simple trouble-shooting mode to system-config-printer in version 0.7.80.  It’s not very sophisticated, but I hope it will be useful.  It is a “wizard”-type dialog with forward and back buttons, and the Python source code allows for question screens to be slotted in fairly easily.  If it can’t work out the problem it will display some diagnostics that could be useful to attach to a bug report.

To try it out, hit F1 or select Help->Troubleshoot from the menu.

One Response to “Trouble-shooting”

  1. Richard says:


    Would like to know if it is at all possible to operate HP Scanjet 5100c (made for parallel port) on USB port ? I have tried downloading different update programs from HP (software and drivers). I even tried using Scantjet 5200c software which is designed to work under USB but with no success…

    Thank you