0.9.90 release, heading towards 1.0.0

I’ve just released system-config-printer 0.9.90, a stepping-stone on the way towards a 1.0.0 release.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • The configuration tool window has been made a lot simpler.  Instead of a list of printer names on the left and properties for the selected printer on the right, now there is just a box containing icons representing printers.  Double-clicking on a printer opens a properties dialog.
  • The CUPS authentication dialog now selects the appropriate user-name, and allows it to be altered mid-operation.
  • When the configuration tool is running, its list of printers is now updated dynamically.
  • All jobs queued for a specific printer can be seen by right-clicking on a printer icon and selecting ‘View Print Queue’.  To see jobs queue on several printers, select the desired printers first before right-clicking.  To see all jobs, right-click with no printers selected.
  • The job monitoring tool now displays a message when a job has failed.  If the printer has been stopped as a result, this is shown in the message.  A “Diagnose” button starts the trouble-shooter.
  • The job monitoring tool now performs proxy authentication.  When a job is submitted but the CUPS backend requires further authentication information from the user, it stops the job.  In this situation, the job monitoring tool will now display an authentication dialog so that the job can proceed.

When 1.0.0 is released it will make its way into Fedora 10.  Depending on what sort of shape it is in, it might be released as an update for Fedora 9.

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