Royal Mail: isn’t it quicker to knock?

A quick search shows I’m not the only one this has happened to: having been in all day long I discover a card from Royal Mail has come through the door saying “Sorry you were out” and telling me to pick up a parcel the next day.

On the card are the following pieces of information:

  • Some kind of parcel ID number
  • The time
  • The date
  • My name
  • The first line of my address
  • The type of item (checked box)
  • The number of items (there are several this time)
  • A check in the box saying it’s too big for the letterbox
  • The photo ID serial card number of the postman
  • A check in the box telling me to pick them up from the delivery office
  • The date I should pick them up

I coudn’t write it all in less than 27 seconds.  Surely it would have been quicker to just ring the bell?

22 Responses to “Royal Mail: isn’t it quicker to knock?”

  1. Ray Cooke says:

    It is common practise within Royal Mail for the postman to leave large items at the sorting office or the nearest post office in rural areas.
    It is the same for recorded delivery items.
    I have had countless problems with this but having made complaints I now get my mail delivered by writing to them authorising the postman to merely open the door and pop them inside.

  2. Ray Cooke says:

    It is common practise with Royal Mail to drop the card through the door. They make out the card before they leave the sorting office and omit only the time which is done just before they pop it through your letterbox. Why? You ask. If someone POSTS you an item then they have paid for it to be delivered to you and NOT for you to go pick it up. You pay extra for recorded delivery as well. I live in a village which has a post office. Our postman has been automatically leaving ALL his parcels and RECORDED DELIVERY at the post office just before he leaves the village in his little red van. That’s why it say’s on the card you can pick it up after a certain time. Now we come to the reason for this. It is an historic fact that our Postman Pat is on a ‘job and knock’ contract. When he has finished his job he can ‘knock off’ and go home. Making us go and fetch our post takes a lot of time away from his job so he can get away home. I made a complaint in writing and. also, I asked for a re-delivery the same day because I had recorded him coming to my door without the item by using a PC webcam pointed out of my living room window at the front door. It is set to ‘movement detect’ to save having a massive file to dredge through. I also gave permission in writing for the postman to try my front door and if it was open to put the item inside the porch The camera is there & the postman can see it there. He has no choice other then to deliver it which is what the stamps were bought for. Non-delivery is nothing more then common fraud on the royal mail and their representative. Postman Pat. The times he has had to re-deliver he has had to leave home and come back to the village post office to pick it up and then bring it the 200yards to my front door.
    I now get my mail delivered as it should be. I have told them via e-mail (which I carbon copy to my MP) that if it happens again I will call the police and make a complaint of fraud.
    If you want your mail you have to do the work to make sure it gets there. If everybody does the same as me then things will have to change. Don’t feel sorry for your postman. He gets paid to deliver to you. Very well !! I am disabled but that doesn’t mean I am special and get extra to anybody else. A service has been paid for and EVERYBODY who pays for that service is entitled to get it.