This is a font called Spranq Eco Sans, based on Vera Sans.  The idea is that the little circular holes in the lines making up the letters can save up to 20% of the ink used for printing it out.

I think the idea is to get people to think about how much ink they use, rather than to get everyone to switch over to this font.

Found via EcoGeek.

2 Responses to “Ecofont”

  1. Sparks says:

    That’s great! I wonder if it really does save 20% of the ink. Of course I routinely save 100% of the ink. I just don’t print!

  2. Stephen Smoogen says:

    I wonder how much extra CPU is required to print it.. and does that use up more of one resource than another.

    Sorry for the nitpick.. but after getting on the ethanol band-wagon because it was green.. and then finding out it wasn’t.. and then getting on the windpower but finding out it killed lots of birds.. I started trying to figure out what the downside for something was before I switch over to it :).