system-config-printer 1.1.0

I just made system-config-printer-1.1.0 available.  Below are some of the changes compared to 1.0.12.

Main system-config-printer application

  • New search bar for filtering by name, description, location, or make-and-model
  • Support for user-defined printer groups
  • More efficient printer/job monitor
  • Authentication dialog now explains why it is required
  • Discovered printers can now be hidden
  • Common IPP and PPD strings are made available for translation
  • Uses PackageKit D-Bus API for installing packages
  • No longer requires root password when an SMB queue is present
  • Better robustness when CUPS server disappears
  • Groups network devices together when adding a new printer

Print job applet

  • New confirmation dialog when cancelling a job
  • New Job menu in menu bar
  • Support for printing a test page to a newly configured printer
  • Authentication can be attempted for any job requiring it
  • Uses gnome-keyring to store authentication details
  • Visually distinguishes between a job that is pending and one that is printing
  • Ability to start up the main application


  • No longer hangs when a command or CUPS operation fails to complete
  • Various other small improvements





4 responses to “system-config-printer 1.1.0”

  1. suka avatar

    Is there a way to disable the packagekit stuff? Cause Packagekit is not available on some distros so starting up the 1.1.0 gives an error:

    ImportError: No module named installpackage

    Would be great to have this optional…

    1. tim avatar

      It’s a missing file from the tarball. Will fix for 1.1.1. The code should work for non-PackageKit installations, but we need to actually ship the code. 🙂

  2. suka avatar

    Ok, thanks. Looking forward to 1.1.1 then 😉

    1. tim avatar

      I just released it. Will do a freshmeat announcement for it shortly.