Automatic photo tagging

MyHeritage, a genealogy web site, claims it can automatically tag photos of people.  It uses face recognition to find faces in uploaded photos, then gets you to identify them.  The idea is that you only identify each person once, and it can automatically tag other photos of that person for you.

MyHeritage organizes photos based on who appears in them.
MyHeritage is able to identify and tag people you’ve already told it about, in all your other photos, and in any new photos you’ll upload, automatically.

I’ve only tested it very slightly, but it does seem to work to some degree.  It’s fairly slow to complete the facial recognition step, understandably, but it really does seem to be trying to recognise individual people.

Only a matter of time before it becomes more wide-spread, I’m sure.






3 responses to “Automatic photo tagging”

  1. Andy Piper avatar

    Funnily enough… Google Picasa and Apple iPhoto 09 both do the same thing. There must be something in the air.

  2. tim avatar

    How long have they been able to do that for?

    Not used Picasa myself.

  3. leif81 avatar

    Ya Picasa web has been able to do that for a few months now. Works quite well. It does requires some manual corrections to complete the process though. It makes the odd mistake like identifying a lamp as a person from time to time but for the most part it’s very good.