Month: February 2009

  • OpenSolaris to use system-config-printer

    The latest build of OpenSolaris uses system-config-printer for configuring CUPS.  World domination is brought a step closer. 😉

  • How I use git

    Back in May last year I switched over several projects from Subversion to Git. It’s a shame that git doesn’t have a better project name, something that says “version control system” rather than being a mild insult. That aside, though, what a relief it was to finally use something that is Not CVS. At the […]

  • Screenshots: system-config-printer 1.1

    As part of my work for Red Hat I’ve been working on the printing configuration program, system-config-printer.  Fedora 10 came with version 1.0 of this application, which provides a notification area print icon as well as the ability to configure printers, and I made the 1.1 version available earlier this year.  The most recent release […]