Fedora 11 test updates for printing

Fedora 11 is finally out. The bad news is that there are several known issues (well, known now) with printing. Unfortunately I was tied up with PDF-related security fixes for several months and did not have the time I wanted to spend on polishing Fedora 11.

For me the most annoying problem is that the printing troubleshooter does not work in Fedora 11 as shipped. This is fixed in the test update for system-config-printer. Using the troubleshooter can be very valuable when tracking down problems, but most especially when reporting printing bugs. Please install the update and try the troubleshooter (Help->Administration from the system-config-printer window) before reporting bugs. This updates system-config-printer to 1.1.8, released on Thursday, which has lots of fixes.

The other test update I’ve pushed in the last week is for cups. Fedora 11 was released with beta 3 of CUPS 1.4. The current upstream version is 1.4rc1, and there is a test update for that out now. Please try it out if you are having problems with printing. I will update it to 1.4.0 when it is released.

I am slowly working my way through the backlog of bugs that have been reported, both in Bugzilla and on mailing lists. Please be patient!

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