80s computer games I remember

When I think about it, I can remember more games I used to play on my Commodore 64 than I expect to.  Here’s what I’ve managed to recall.

  • Monty On The Run
  • Crazy Comets
  • Attack of the Mutant Camels (weird!)
  • Hovver Bovver (brilliantly English)
  • Outrun
  • Pod — I’m sure that’s what it was called but can’t find any reference to it anywhere. Little man with big feet who had to jump across streams and walls and things.  If he fell in he would turn white, grow angel wings, and fly up to heaven while music played.  And I think maybe there a Welsh connection?
  • Paperboy
  • Nebulus
  • International Karate+
  • Little Computer People
  • Winter Games
  • Toy Bizarre
  • Ghostbusters
  • Falcon Patrol
  • Blade Runner
  • There was some kind of football game, don’t remember what it was called.  Actually I think the copy I had was translated into German… looking around it must have been a version of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer.
  • Cauldron
  • Booty was the first one I had, a pirate treasure platform game with colour-coded keys and doors.  At the time I had it plugged into a black and white TV set so that made it a bit more challenging!
  • Haunted Mansion or something with a similar name.  Don’t remember a lot about it except that it was quite a simple game, but enjoyable.
  • Orpheus and the Underworld (but don’t remember much about it)






3 responses to “80s computer games I remember”

  1. Lubomir Rintel avatar

    You’ll find at least the rpm of Haunted Mansion here, in case you want to revive your memories 🙂 http://v3.sk/~lkundrak/dosgames/

  2. Canoe avatar

    Did you ever play a game called Ankh – 64 Rooms? It was by David Van Brink. Nearly 30 years later, I still can’t finish it..

  3. FergatROn avatar

    How was the Commodore 64? I hear people talk about it all the time, but my first console was a ColecoVision. I remember a baseball game and some Tarzan thing. After that it was Atari, Nintendo (Commando), etc.