system-config-printer 1.2.0

I’ve just released the first version in a new stable branch of system-config-printer.  The changes are listed below.

Changes affecting the main application:

  • The my-default-printer application has been removed.
  • Printer drivers are automatically installed when possible.
  • Switched to GtkBuilder instead of glade.
  • Support for PolKit now assumes polkit-1 so the –with-polkit-1 configure option has been removed.
  • The basic/advanced server settings dialogs have been merged.
  • PPDs are now fetched asynchronously.
  • The outputorder job option is now shown.
  • There are now tooltips for the Test Page buttons.
  • The device-location attribute is used if present when adding a new queue.
  • “Copy” has been renamed “Duplicate”.
  • Better icons are used.
  • Support for installing HP’s proprietary plug-in has been removed.
  • The hpcups PPDs requiring a plugin are now treated as 3rd party proprietary.

Changes affecting the job viewer:

  • Job operations can now be applied to several jobs at once.
  • Job attributes may be viewed.
  • Jobs can now be moved between printers.
  • The cups-missing-filter error is now translated.
  • Job history can now be purged.
  • The job context “Cancel” operation has been made localizable.
  • Job files can be retrieved.
  • Job completion notifications have been reinstated but with better text.
  • It is more obvious in the job viewer when a printer has been disabled.

Changes affecting the troubleshooter:

  • The troubleshooter now performs SELinux file context checks.
  • The wording in the troubleshooter has been improved.





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