Printing Test Day this Thursday

This Thursday (March 25th) is when a Printing Test Day is being held for Fedora.  This is an opportunity to check that printing will work with your printer in Fedora 13, and to help find bugs to be fixed before release date.

One of the new features in Fedora 13 is the automatic installation of printer drivers when USB printers are connected.  For this feature to work, specific information about each printer model needs to be stored in the relevant driver packages.  Some of this is done but we need your help to test it and to collect more Device ID strings.

Please come along and join in!





One response to “Printing Test Day this Thursday”

  1. Kevin Kofler avatar

    PS: Anybody wishing to test this feature under KDE will need the following pair of updates (currently queued for updates-testing):,kpackagekit-0.6.0-0.9.20100301svn.fc13

    (By the way, thank you again for the patches!)