CUPS disabled on upgrade to Fedora 16

One common bug that people are running into with Fedora 16 is that CUPS is no longer enabled after upgrade from an earlier version of Fedora (fresh installs are unaffected).

This has already been reported in Bugzilla, and a test update is available.

There is also an Ask Fedora answer about it.






One response to “CUPS disabled on upgrade to Fedora 16”

  1. Amir avatar

    I’ve just switched from Ubuntu to F16. I had problem installing my network printers and it took me half an hour (the error message was totally irrelevant) to figure out that unlike Ubuntu, in Fedora 16 samba-client is not installed by default. And it made me wonder what on earth makes Fedora developers think that samba-client is something that should not be installed by default.