Did someone say… “Alpha”?

installdvdFedora 20 Alpha has been released, and I’d been putting off installing it because I know how troublesome an alpha release can be. This one, though, is the best alpha release of Fedora I can remember!

It actually seems incrementally better than Fedora 19, rather than the traditional break-everything-and-fix-it-again-later alpha releases we’ve seen in the past.

Great job!






6 responses to “Did someone say… “Alpha”?”

  1. Non-US-keyboard user avatar
    Non-US-keyboard user

    Seriously ?

    The Fedora 20 Alpha crashes big time on the second screen on my second click.
    You can’t select a different keyboard layout without crashing.

    I had to use the netboot.iso to actually have a look at the Alpha. After this initial showstopper I agree that it looks stable.

    However gnome shell crashes again collection all the icons of the applications if you have installed to many applications when running on older hardware.

  2. Ivan avatar

    Hope release will be great as well!

    By the way, what’s state of printerd?

    1. Tim avatar

      Unfortunately printerd is stalled at the moment. The first step is to get the GTK+ print dialog to connect with Google Cloud Print.

  3. Jim Campbell avatar

    I totally agree – this is the best Fedora Alpha that I can recall – by far. Kudos to the Fedora developers, packagers, and admins. : )

  4. metcomm avatar

    Glad you posted this, I trust your comments and will take the plunge – for reasons I have difficulty explaing, I was never “really happy” with F19 …. will report back later after the upgrade.

  5. Adrián avatar

    I just noted the same, Fedora 20 alpha is the most stable alpha I’ve ever tried.