Category: Films

  • The Time Machine

    When I was in the library, deciding what to watch I saw The Time Machine (2002) sitting on the shelf. I’ve wanted to see this for ages, mostly because I dimly recall seeing the original film and liking it, and partly because I saw the trailer ages ago. So I picked it up. Oh, for…

  • Music and Lyrics

    Saw this at the cinema at the weekend. Yes, it was quite good, and about what I expected really. Hugh Grant is usually quite entertaining, and I think that’s why Sue wanted us to see it. 🙂 Best bit: I think the 80s-style pop video takes some beating. Worst bit: As Jonathan Ross put it,…

  • Wilson

    Mugshot face… or Wilson from Cast Away?

  • Under the Tuscan Sun

    Watched this on DVD again tonight.  Another one with a “if you build it they will come” sort of message, which I think I have more respect for than I used to.  Lindsay Duncan’s character was entertaining with her bits of advice and philosophy.