[PARPORT] looking for additional C source files for Syjet 1.5 driver

avm (avm@best.com)
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 11:05:24 -0800

Hi to all. As far as I can tell by looking through the archive for this
list, there has not been much interest in developing a driver for the
syjet 1.5 parport edition.
On the torque web site, I found these source files which are supposed to
be the ones needed for this
particular driver. They are, epst.c and epst.h.

When I compile these the error output is telling me I also need: sd.h,
hosts.h, and scsi_module.c.
Where can I get these files? also, If anyone has tried to build a driver
for the syjet1.5 before, I'd appreciate any advice tips, etc...
Thanks for any constructive comments.


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