RE: [PARPORT] RE: [patch] ieee1284 nibble mode

Tim Waugh (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:46:22 -0000

> > The device ID changes? Interesting indeed. Which fields change - the
> > manufacturer, command set, model number or device class? Personally I
> > that _any_ of those fields changing would be a neat trick.
> I don't know which is the device ID field... I'll try something this
> afternoon.

The whole string is the device ID. It identifies the device. If that
string changes, keep a close eye on your printer and see if it's changed
shape or colour.

> > > It has to become acceptable or I should do more reverse engeneering to
> > > understand what the ERROR line means here and how could I make it
> > > here too
> >
> > I'll take the second option, if you don't mind.
> What do you mean with `mind'?


> No at a first look, but I was not sure because my specs on the web told
> everything of the nibble mode according to your code _except_ the ERROR
> check to know when there's not data anymore. Maybe because the guy that
> wrote the spces did reverse engeneering of the protocol of an Epson
> printer? ;).

The IEEE1284 signal name for it is nDataAvail.

> Please take a look at the specs I am looking at (just to see that I am not
> crazy ;):

I've seen them. They don't tell the whole story. Perhaps Epson only read
the Fapo IEEE1284 overview when they made the Stylus, as it sounds like
they're not setting nDataAvail when they should.


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