[PARPORT] HP 7200e troubles

aWG (awg@videon.wave.ca)
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:33:03 -0600

I am using the HP CD-Writer Plus 7200e with kernel 2.2.0pre9 and I can
get it to detect and to READ cds using /dev/pcd0 however I cannot get
any cd-r software to detect it as my CD-R .. I have SCSI emulation on..
I don't have ATAPI support for CDROMS (I have SCSI support for CDROMS)
compiled aswell as SCSI generic support. I was wondering if you have
any pointers as to how to get cdrecord to detect the device as my cd-r.
I'm using BOTH the pg and the pcd modules at the same time with no
conflict between the two. Also I have another problem... when trying to
play audio CDs with workbone I get this error:

msf = 0:2:0 67:1:74

when I use anything else it just says can't play the CD.

Help would be appreciated on these topics. Thank you.

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