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Adrian Phillips (
06 Feb 1999 19:16:25 +0100

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Pizzinini <> writes:

Andreas> I want to install debian linux 2.0 on my computer. I
Andreas> have an HP omnibook 600c and a Microsolutions backpack
Andreas> 16770 cd-rom. The cd-rom is connected to the omnibook by
Andreas> the parallel port.

Andreas> I also have -bootdisk (resc1440.bin) -cd rom "debian
Andreas> linux 2.0" -floppy drive for the omnibook(1.44MB) -disk
Andreas> (drv1440.bin)

Andreas> I can boot from the bootdisk and start partitioning my
Andreas> harddrive. But when I come to the point where I want to
Andreas> install the system and kernal files from the cd-rom
Andreas> (first time reading from cd-rom), the backpack cd-rom is
Andreas> not recognized and does not work (works fine in DOS). I
Andreas> cannot load anything from cd-rom.

Andreas> Do I have to set special boot options at the
Andreas> "boot:"-line? Any other ideas? Thanks, Andreas

If somebody out there has a kernel with it built in you can easily
change the debian boot disk using the instuctions in the install.txt
file :

          8.3. Replacing the Kernel

          If you find it necessary to replace the kernel on the Rescue
          Floppy, you must configure your new kernel with these features
          linked in, not in loadable modules:

          o Initial RAM disk.
          o MSDOS, Minix, and EXT2 filesystems.
          o ELF executables.

          Copy your new kernel to the file [quot ]linux[quot ]
          on the Rescue Floppy, and then run the shell script [quot
          ][quot ] that you'll find on the floppy.

SO if Grant (or somebody else, ask on debian-user) has a kernel with
the above plus the backpack built in then it should be no
problem. Grab the 2.0.26 kernel (or just the patches after .34) after
you've installed and reconmpile your own.


Adrian Phillips

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