[PARPORT] recommended LPT2 add on card for PC

Christian Monkman (cbm@ininew.com)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:25:11 -0600

If this is not the right list, I apologize, but I've been lurking here for a
while even after getting my HP 7200e cd writer to work very well with
paride, and I thought someone here would be likely to have an answer.

I need to add a second printer port to a pentium PC running Linux. The
machine has both PCI & ISA slots, and the typical on-board 2 serial 1

I don't need to use any LPT storage or other devices on the 2nd port, I need
it for a second printer on an existing samba print server.

Could someone reccommend some brand names that work well (or at all :) )
with Linux? PCI or ISA, whichever is more appropriate. It is going to serve
a low-traffic laser printer, (Brother HL-1260) so blinding speed is not a
requirement, but blindingly easy installation is.

Slackware 3.4 with 2.0.36 kernel.

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