[PARPORT] HP7200e doesn't work

Jose Luis del Rio (jluisdrv@servidor.unam.mx)
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 10:27:55 -0600

>>>> Hi there,

>>>> This is the first time i try to work with my hp7200e under Linux,

>>>> problems is that i have compiled kernel with the indications that

>>>> appears on CD-Writing HOWTO, then i have type

>>>> insmod paride

>>>> insmod epat

>>>> insmod pg

>>>> And all appears ok, but when i tried to mount /dev/pg0 in /cdrom, i

>>>> recieve the next answer:

>>>> mount: /dev/pg0 is not a block device

>>>> i have already run the mkd script, i don't no what to do, can you

>>>> me

>>>> Thanks in advantage.

>>>> Jose Luis del Rio


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