Re: [PARPORT] Dell Optiplex GX1, HP Surestore 7200e and linux.
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 08:53:24 -0500 (EST)

> paride: epat registered as protocol 0
> pg: pg version 1.02s, major 97
> pg0: epat 1.01, Shuttle EPAT chip c6 at 0x378, mode 2 (8-bit), delay 1

If you can't do anything about the port mode, you'll have to force the
delay to 0.

> * Any explanations that would explain these?

Yes, mode 2 with delay 1 just can't keep up. Delay 0 should work with

Since you apparently have the driver built in, you should be able to
put something like:


(0x378, protocol 0, unit 0, mode 2, slave, delay 0)

on an append statement in your lilo.conf and rerun lilo.

> * Anybody get their HP 7200e och Philips CD3610 working with a Dell
> Optiplex?

I used to have an Optiplex on my desk at work - they are evil machines,
but I never tried to examine the parallel port. As I recall, the BIOS
does not allow you to change very much, but perhaps all is not lost.

> * I saw something about problems with parallellports that cannot be set to
> EPP, only PS/2 or AT. Did you guys figure out what to do about this? Did
> you solve it? The thread just kind of died...

It depends on what chip is actually being used to implement the parallel
port. Go to and get their "testport.exe" utility.

Run it under one of those other operating systems and find out what it
says about your port. Try

        testport -epp

and see if it will force the port into EPP mode.

Alas, this won't quite help you (yet) but it will let us know how hard
it will be to get your port into a nice mode ;-)

> * Would using modules instead of compiled-in pg-support help me in any
> way?

Not with this problem.

Grant R. Guenther

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