Re: [PARPORT] Dell Optiplex GX1, HP Surestore 7200e and linux.

Dan Lilliehorn (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 15:22:42 +0100 (CET)

> If you can't do anything about the port mode, you'll have to force the
> delay to 0.

> Yes, mode 2 with delay 1 just can't keep up. Delay 0 should work with
> speed=1.
> Since you apparently have the driver built in, you should be able to
> put something like:
> pg.drive0=0x378,0,0,2,1,0
> (0x378, protocol 0, unit 0, mode 2, slave, delay 0)
> on an append statement in your lilo.conf and rerun lilo.

OK, this works. I now have delay 0 instead. And when trying to write to a
cdrw I got a lot farther than before, almost 25% of the image (ass opposed
to 0% before). But it still crashed after a while. However, it crashed
just as I tried to do something else... is the procedure VERY sensitive
(ie should I not use the computer at all while burning)?

Could I set the mode to something else (5?) with this lilo.conf
append-command and would it help me?

> I used to have an Optiplex on my desk at work - they are evil machines,

Tell me about it... it is my computer at work. However, at home I have
only a dialup connection so getting this up and running at work is rather
crucial (the whole point of buying the unit in the first place).

> I recall, the BIOS does not allow you to change very much

Close to nothing.

> It depends on what chip is actually being used to implement the parallel
> port. Go to and get their "testport.exe" utility.

Is there still a point to doing this, even after getting the delay to


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