Re: [PARPORT] Updated RedHat Boot Disk

Charles Hodsdon (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 18:22:56 -0400 wrote:

> Unfortunately, it's not possible with the driver on the floppy to
> get any more precise answer than this.
> BUT, perhaps you have a drive that deliberately returns an incorrect
> device code. What is the exact manufacturer and model of the drive
> inside your PP case ?

    The drive I have, unfortunately, says nothing but Commuter on it
for an FCC ID and serial # on the bottom). The only way I found out it
was a
DataStor drive is by looking up the FCC ID on the internet. Another
that may be useful is the windows 95 driver on DataStor's website
( is not a CD rom driver, it must be installed as a
controler ... I just found this out when I used the drive with Windows

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