Re: [PARPORT] Updated RedHat Boot Disk

Charles Hodsdon (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 18:59:28 -0400 wrote:

> > > BUT, perhaps you have a drive that deliberately returns an incorrect
> > > device code. What is the exact manufacturer and model of the drive
> > > inside your PP case ?
> >
> > The drive I have, unfortunately, says nothing but Commuter on it (Except
> > for an FCC ID and serial # on the bottom).i
> I'm not sure I believe that. Notice that I asked you to look _inside_
> the case. You'll almost certainly find a standard ATAPI drive and a
> small circuit board with the adapter on it. DataStor does not make
> CD-ROM drives.

OK, I got the drive open and found a Vertos Model 400HTD CDrom drive. It appears
to be a regular IDE cdrom drive, nothing unusual. If it helps, the drive was
manufactured in October of 1995.

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