Re: [PARPORT] Autoloading protocol modules ?

Thu, 8 Apr 1999 13:53:34 +0100

At 10:13 AM 4/8/99 +0100, BROWN Nick wrote:
>Currently I load paride and epat at boot time, and have pd loaded
>automagically by kerneld when I mount my Plugger HD. But it would be really
>cool to have paride and epat loaded by kerneld too. I added a dependency
>(pd requires epat) to modules.dep by hand and it worked, but this file is
>zapped by "depmod -a" at each boot and I'd rather not remove that command
>and then have to maintain all the module dependencies by hand.
>The man page for depmod seems to suggest that you can add a single
>dependency with "depmod module dependson-1 dependson-2", but it isn't clear.
>Or maybe there is a magic local file which "depmod -a" will integrate into
>modules.dep along with the info it gets from the .o files ?

Add this line to /etc/conf.modules:

post-install paride modprobe -k epat

When you access pd (either by manually insmoding or autoloading, e.g.
by "mount /mnt/blah /dev/pda1") it will load paride first, and the above
line tells modprobe to load the epat module, too. I use similar rules
successfully with modutils-2.1.121.


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