Re: [PARPORT] Scanners using parallel ports

CP Hennessy (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:24:40 +0100

Philip Blundell wrote:
> >I think (ignoring any legal issues) that is quite painful. What I think should
> >be possible is to use 1 PC running windoze which is attached by parallel port
> >to another computer where the messages on the parallel port are monitored
> >and stored. Then this message can be sent to the scanner so that the
> >response can also be monitored and stored.
> This is an idea that comes up here quite often. In theory it could be done
> but there are various obstacles and I don't think anybody has implemented it.
> You would probably be better off hiring a logic analyser for a couple of days.

Can you give me some idea of the kind of obstacles ?

I guess that if it comes up often then it might be worth writing it :-)


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