[PARPORT] id_probe

Stefan Ellerbrock (S.Ellerbrock@t-online.de)
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:19:56 +0200

Hi Tim !

I tried to patch -2.2.7-ctr.gz into my linux source tree which was
previously patched with patch-2.2.6-tmw6.gz, this did not work
as I got three hunk failures.

I then took a clean source tree ( no patches at all) and applied
patch-2.2.7-tmw1.gz, in addition I tried to add patch-2.2.7-ctr.gz over
patch-2.2.7-tmw1.gz this also failed with hunk errors.

Rebuilding and compiling was successfull, but id_probe still only
reports port numbers.
I can however now load module parpart_pc.o without the Device or
resource busy message. This I can do with or without parameters.

Loading ppa.o though still gives me Device or resource busy errors when
paprport_pc.o was loaded with parameters ie. io=0x378 irq=5
Loading parport_pc.o WITHOUT any parameters, and then ppa.o, does NOT
return Device or resource busy errors but just "ppa: parport reports no

I would appreciate a small primer on your patch system, I can for
instance not apply patch-2.2.6-tmw6.gz over a system which was
previously patched with patch-2.2.5-tmw5.gz ie progressive patching.
Each time I have to use a new source tree, maybe I am doing something
wrong ? I use gzip -cd patch-2.2.6-tmw6.gz to patch a kernel that was
previously patched with patch-2.2.5-tmw5.gz
Is this correct ?

Thanx for the help


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